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Paper types

Coated and uncoated

Coated: If paper has a coating it makes the paper shinier. For a gentle shine a silk coating is a good choice. If you want vibrant colours and a strong shine, a gloss coating is the perfect pick.

Uncoated: When you have uncoated paper you can see the fibers of the paper and you can write on it. If you want uncoated paper avoid large patches of dark ink since it will directly absorb into the paper. Normally letterheads and compliments slips are made of uncoated paper.



To protect the printed product, the lamination option is there. It’s a thin transparent layer over the product. We recommend lamination when you use your items regularly or if it’s important that the product stays in perfect shape, like business cards.

There are different types of lamination.

Matt: If you want to add depth into your design, pick the matt lamination.

Gloss: For vibrant colours, the gloss lamination is the best choice.

Soft touch: The soft touch lamination gives your product a luxurious finish.